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Laser Verruca Treatment

As summer is underway we are talking about our laser verruca treatments, its a time when more people jet off on holidays go barefoot.

Having a verruca is not something you really want to talk about. It restricts so many activities and can get painful so needless to say it’s something you will want to get rid of. So what happens after the OTC products don’t work and you need to try something else?

At Everything Skin, we offer treatment for both warts and verruca using lasers.  Treating warts and verruca’s using lasers is quick and effective. Verrucae are warts that are tightly compressed by the weight of the body on the soul of the foot. Following treatment, the skin is quickly repaired and restored to its natural state after treatment with no marks or scarring.

A highly targeted beam of laser light is specifically aimed at the verruca. The energy from the laser is then absorbed in the root of the lesion and heats up the blood vessels feeding the problem area. the vessels collapse in on themselves as a result and stop the blood supply. This starves the verruca of the nutrients it needs to continue its development,  so it naturally falls off after a few weeks.

Sharing your verrucae with family and friends.

Verrucas are viruses and can be easily shared with the people you are in contact with. To avoid others catching them be careful. Here are some ways to avoid spreading:

  • Cover the Verruca when you are barefoot in showers and public spaces, even at home if you share bathrooms etc.
  • Avoid sharing towels and other clothing
  • Do not share footwear
  • Seek help as soon as you can whilst the problem is small.

How painful is the laser verruca treatment?

It’s not without pain and because the laser needs to target deep beneath the verruca it can feel quite hot and has a sting. The good news is, however, the treatment is fast and it only stings as the laser fires for a fraction of a second each time.

How many treatments are needed?

This depends on the Verruca a small newly formed one is faster to treat and may only need one treatment. Laser verruca treatment is effective on most lesions however some very large and resistant verrucae will require a reduction by parring down the overlying skin. In general 1 – 5 treatments are usually needed.