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User: Viv Monteith: Google Review: July 2018

“Would highly recommend this clinic. Great care, very efficient, professional and excellent communication.”

User: Carolyn Chew-Graham: Google Review: July 2018

“holistic approach. thank you.”

User: Phil Hackney: Google Review: July 2018

“Really excellent, prompt and effective service. Dr Madan was excellent, friendly, extremely professional and delivered a small procedure without drama, without pain and with a super outcome. I have come away extremely impressed with him and his team and can highly recommend them.”

User: Karl: Google Review: July 2018

“Great experience, excellent clinic, pro team. Dr Madan is thorough, professional, insightful, and actually listens. Others in the field shrug off difficult issues. Dr Madan owns them and finds solutions! Highly recommended. A++++++++”

User: Mark Wall: Google Review: July 2018

“Appointments arranged very fast, staff and facilities are second to none, small procedure carried out without fuss, exceptionally pain-free and reassuring!”

User: N Gallagher: Google Review: July 2018

“I’ve been impressed with this clinic. They’re always running on time and the staff called me after my treatment to ensure I was doing well, and when I wrote in with an aftercare question, Dr Madan wrote back personally and put my worries to rest right away.”

User: Soni OP: Google Review: July 2018

“I highly recommend Dr Madan’s clinic. He is an excellent dermatologist. The staff are also very nice. I’m very happy with the treatment received for under-eye dark circles.”

User: Andy Moor: Google Review: May 2018

“Exceptional service, Dr Madan is extremely proffesional and thorough and has certainly helped to put my mind at ease. I highly recommend his services and his lovely staff!”

User: D Lee: Google Review: May 2018

“I’ve had regular treatments with Dr Madan for a few years and had the pleasure of visiting the Everything Skin clinic for the first time today.”

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User: Joe Riley: Google Review: May 2018

“Proud to say I’m the first client at ‘Everything skin clinic’. Dr Maden once again has helped me to over come skin issues. On numerous occasions I’ve had burns, alergic reactions and severe acne and this man is like a magician. I cannot recommend ‘Everything skin clinic’ & Dr Maden enough..”

User: SK: Google Review: May 2018

“Great Staff, Great Doctor and Great Service. Wishing Dr Madan and everybody at Everything Skin all the best for the future with the new clinic.”

26th July 2018

“Our 7 year old daughter contracted the Molloscum Contagiosum virus. One facial blister soon turned into many, that proved to be stubbornly resistent to all the usual treatments, both medical & homeopathic. After being teased at school, our daughter became very self-conscious….”

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 22nd July 2018

“Dr, Madan is second to none in his knowledge and in carrying out procedures, over the past years my Father-in-law, Son and Wife have all received positive and first class treatment and service from his staff. It was without hesitation that when a problem arose for me that Mr Madan was the only person to see, I wasn’t surprised…

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21st July 2018

“I had pretty bad dark circles and the under-eye skin had started to develop wrinkles. I’m very happy with the tear trough repair treatment done by Dr Madan and would definitely recommend him. The staff at the clinic was also very nice.”

22nd May 2018

“I received professional care and treatment from the team at the clinic and I am more than pleased with the final results.”

Ann Bayliss Dodd: 26th July 2018

“Had Dr Madan recommended for a rosacea problem. The consultation went well as did the pulse dye laser treatment ! Found Dr Madan very informative and he put me at ease during the treatment, explaining what was happening and about after care. 24 hours have passed so just waiting for slight swelling….”

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Sunil Agrawal: 27th April 2018

“Excellent efforts___��
Best of luck__�����”

Jaspreet Singh Chhabra : 26th April 2018

“impressive set up, latest equipments and knowledgeable doctor.”

User: Sabrina Nawaz: Google Review: July 2018

“I went in enquiring about Laser Resurfacing, and have to say, Sarah, the Secretary of Dr Madan is fantastic. She is v helpful and her manner is v professional. I just have to work out if I want to go for the consultation now.”


User: Rachel Jepson-Bennett: Google Review: June 2018

“I had a consultation with Dr. Madan a couple of weeks ago to remove a couple of moles. One was on the side of my face. Dr. Madan was very reasurring, the procedure was quick and stitches were beautifully neat. Sarah, his Secretary is …”

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User: Leo Armstrong: Google Review: April 2018

“I have been under the care of Dr Madan for the last 12 months, the care I have received under his supervision has been outstanding. Undergoing laser treatment as a young woman is extremely daunting, however, his expertise in the field never …”

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User: Jeff Whiteman: Google Review: April 2018

“I guess if you are reading this, you are considering a Laser procedure to remove a Rhinophyma condition. Absolutely 100%, do it, I am delighted with the results. After a consultation, a date is agreed for the procedure, which can be compared to a dental visit. You will feel no pain during…..”

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User: Derek Grant: Google Review: April 2018

“I have nothing but praise for both the treatment received from Dr Madan and the facilities offered at 52 Alderley Rd together with their friendly and helpful staff. Dr Madan, himself, is most approachable and has been very accommodating …”

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User: Stuart King: Google Review: March 2018

“I am a male of 40 years of age and went to see Dr Madan last year for digital mole mapping after having a stage 1 melanoma removed from my chest. He was very professional and listened to what I had to say. He was also very calm and noticed….”

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User: Kate Biddy: Google Review: March 2018

“After being unhappy over an NHS consultation for my moles (with admittedly some self paranoia involved) I booked a private appointment with Dr Madan for for mole mapping. After speaking about my skin history (sun safety/family history…”

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User: Supernews: Google Review: February 2018

“Dr Madan has recently removed a cyst from my chin and a mole from my back. He totally put my mind at rest checking other moles, was very professional and got me through the procedures very quickly. He has done a fantastic job…”

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User: Claire Livesey: Google Review: January 2018

“Dr Madan has recently removed a cyst from my chin and a mole from my back. He totally put my mind at rest checking other moles, was very professional and got me through the procedures very quickly. He has done a fantastic job.”