Rosacea Treatment Review

Victoria Tinsley (March 2018)

I have recently been attending the Everything Skin Clinic due to feeling helpless about my rosacea. My rosacea started in my teens and at the age of 32 with my wedding day fast approaching I needed to find the answer to healthier looking skin. Over the years, I’ve tried everything such as creams, antibiotics, laser treatment, facial peels.

I first met Dr V. Madan in February who advised Roaccutane (also known as Accutane). Dr Madan explained I had three types of rosacea and consequently needed to treat the inflammation before the redness. He really understood how upset the condition made me – his professionalism and kindness in treating me gave me hope.

The first photo is my skin prior to any medication and the second photo is only 18 days after a 20mg course of Accutane. This drug has amazed me and my family, the difference in my skin is unbelievable and I wanted to write and tell anyone who suffers with rosacea to visit the skin clinic and see what Dr Maden can do for you. I have two more months of treatment but I’m already very happy with the results.

I feel I can now look forward to my wedding day without the worry of inflamed, swollen, spotty skin. So thank you to Dr Madan and his team at the Everything Skin Clinic 🙂

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rosacea treatment review